Quick Batangas Getaway

Summer is here and we were blessed to spend a couple weeks in the Philippines meeting family and friends. Two weeks was too short but it was better than no time at all. So we maximized our stay and tried to fit in work (we have opened a branch in Manila and we are now accepting bookings for 2020 weddings) and personal stuff with so little time. And if you are like me who has spent more than 15 years in Dubai, you will understand why I missed thunderstorms. Having lulled into sleep by the gushing of rain and distant thunder was something I missed a lot. But it didn't rain everyday and we were blessed to have some sun during our quick Batangas getaway. The sun was kind and shone during our planned trip to Batangas. We stayed in Balai Isabel which was situated on the shores of the Taal Lake. Eat bulalo, ride a horse and walk along a volcano crater - all ticked off our trip bucket list.

How to reach the crater? There are boats available for rent from 1,500php to 3,000php for each boat which can transport up to 6 people. And when you reach the Vulcan Point, there are horses for hire for 500php (includes horse guide). You will also have to pay a minimal fee as environment fee and there are tour guides available too. Bring your own water as they sell drinks there with a high mark up. Not that high though. Consider it as a contribution for the villagers there. It is notable that Vulcan Point is cited as the largest third order island which means it is an island in a lake on an island in a lake on an island. *mind-blown* We got back aches from riding the horse but it is all worth it!



We also spent a day in Enchante Farm in Alfonso, Cavite. If you are planning a trip for your family or with a group of friends, this is a highly recommended place. If you book a stay here, you will have the place for yourselves. They have an infinity pool, a billiard room, chalets, fruit bearing trees (organic pineapples are the best), a bonfire area perfect for barbecues and late night chats and my favorite, a karaoke room. :) Met with my cousins, aunts, nephews and nieces I haven't seen for a long time. Book with them and mention "MELRISH" and they will give you special offers. Best place for family outing, company trip and it is also a perfect place for your garden wedding!

Two weeks was short but it was enough for me to recharge. I would advise everyone to step back from work every now and then to unwind and clear out your head. It doesn't have to be 2 weeks, it can be shorter. It doesn't have to be some place far but should be some place new. Trust me, when you go back to work, you will be surprised with all the new ideas and new energy that you have!

Dubai Wedding Photographers MelRish Photos and Films Goes to New York

Ok, that is quite a long title for a post but I think that summarizes what this post is all about. We are Dubai based wedding photographers but we aspire to be renowned internationally too. And yeah, we are pretty excited to see the Big Apple! We are flying in on 6th June (crossing our fingers to finally fly on A380) to NYC for our 5th year wedding anniversary and we are staying only until Monday, 10th June before we go to DC and then to Houston, Texas to see my parents. Our exact itinerary is below:

7th June to 10th June - New York City

10th June (4pm) to 12th June - Washington DC

13th June to 17th June - Houston, Texas

new york photography

If you are a New Yorker, from DC or you know Houston like the palm of your hand and you are reading this, it would be great if you can give us advise on where to go with only a few days in each area. If you are engaged, newly married or getting married, we will have only 2 slots open for a photo session. So shoot us an email even if you're single and you wish to have a portrait session with us. And if you are none of the above, you can include our safe travels in your prayers. :)

And to close this post, here is a photo from our Paris trip last June 2012.

Paris photography

Travel Photography | The Paris Dream: The Louvre

Musee du Louvre trip

On our third day in Paris, we have seen so many sights and taken a ton of photos. So I am segregating them by story. One of the stories will be about Musee du Louvre. I cannot express how excited I was to enter one of the renowned museums in the world. I will get to see famous artworks in person which I only saw in books and the internet. Well, my excitement wasn't shared by my companions. One of them even fell asleep!

Musee du Louvre tripMusee du Louvre trip

Okay, I will not bore you with the history of the artworks in these photos. For me, this one tells the story. No one goes to Louvre and doesn't take a photo of the Mona Lisa, right guys? And once you are in, it is so difficult to go out of this mob paying tribute to lady in the painting.

Musee du Louvre tripMusee du Louvre tripMusee du Louvre trip

This image seemed to blend the painting with reality...the colors are still vibrant on this Wedding at Cana painting by Paolo Veronese from 15th century.

Musee du Louvre trip

The nooks and corners are art themselves like this one...looked like a man climbing the staircase to heaven.

Musee du Louvre tripMusee du Louvre trip

These children are so lucky to have their field trip here!

Musee du Louvre trip

We didn't get to see the entire Louvre and I didn't get to learn about all the stories behind the artifacts. This picture will make you wonder how they become objects in the toilette. And why this mummy tomb is happier than the rest.

Musee du Louvre tripMusee du Louvre trip

Enjoy the rest of these pictures as I am glad I could say I have been there!

Musee du Louvre tripMusee du Louvre tripMusee du Louvre tripMusee du Louvre tripMusee du Louvre tripMusee du Louvre tripMusee du Louvre tripMusee du Louvre tripMusee du Louvre tripMusee du Louvre tripMusee du Louvre tripMusee du Louvre trip

Surely, those who loves the art and history will be in awe when they visit the Louvre!