MelRish Dekada: 10 Years of Thankfulness

dekada. n. A decade; any given period of ten years.

The whole team just got back from a 5 day trip to Tbilisi, Georgia as part of our year long celebration of The MelRish Studio's 10th year anniversary. It was an amazing and unforgettable trip to celebrate MelRish Dekada - 10 Years of thankfulness.

It was 2009 when Arish and I first shot our first engagement session and our first wedding. It was also 10 years ago when we first got paid for our services and it was that year when we first flew to India to shoot our first destination wedding. Ten years later, God has blessed us with more than 500 couples, a cozy office in Dubai and a team of creative individuals who we call as our family. Some think that maybe we have a big cash flow that is why we can afford to take the team for an out of town trip. The truth is like all other companies, we are also going through tough times and we are still struggling to make ends meet. This trip is something we wanted to give to our team. Working in The MelRish Studio requires a lot of passion and dedication and that is why we are passionate about our team. 

God has sustained us and we are forever grateful

The MelRish Studio is a testimony that there is a God and if you dedicate your work to Him, He will sustain you and guide you to success. And success doesn't necessarily mean that you have more clients or you are the best in your field. Success for us means that we are better versions of ourselves every year. Success for us means delivering meaningful images and videos and making lasting connections not just with our clients but internally as well. We don't work for our greatness but for His glory.

"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much."

Our projects are not accomplished by one man alone. All our images and videos are products of teamwork. The goal of the trip to Tbilisi was to build camaraderie amongst our team members by letting them get to know more about each other with our "Guess Who Is This?" Game. We had four team members share an apartment (we booked four apartments) and each group was assigned to cook breakfasts and dinner for everyone. Every morning and night, we gathered to eat and pray and share stories. We sang on the bus going to different places and experiencing new things - from wine tasting to playing on the snow. When I saw their smiles and how they have bonded with each other, my heart was filled with joy. Mission accomplished -we have broken down walls and made connections that will help us understand each other and work better.

One day, I will look back at how God has been good to us. I am accountable for leading this team and fulfilling His purpose. And if asked what kind of leader I strived to be, I would answer, "To be a leader that inspires and serves others. A servant leader like Christ."


If you are traveling to Tbilisi, I would recommend Giorgi and his company. He arranged for our tours and bus. You may contact +995 579993265. Special thanks to Rashi of Excite Tourism for arranging our flights. 



Look & Feel : BENQ 27" Photographer Monitor

Thanks to BenQ Middle East for giving us a chance to feel and experience the new BenQ SW Series Monitor designed for Photographers and Cinematographers like us. As of now we are Mac users from video editing and even on photo retouching, we are using these machines since we started our photography business. We are using it because the quality of colors from the monitor is really stunning (in our own opinion -- ).

BenQ representative gave us a call if we are ok to try their new product which is the 27 inches BenQ Monitor (SW Series), they said it is a photographer monitor. So we gave it a try. First impression was hmmmm, I thought it was a good competitor of the Mac Monitor but less expensive.

I have my Macbook pro early 2014, I tried to connect to it using thunderbolt connector (including on the package) as my second monitor and the result is stunning as it has the same feel with Mac. The colors and quality were the same. This was a good buy for a photographer and cinematographer like us. Here some of the photos of the BenQ SW Series:


  • 27”W 2560x1440 QHD Resolution
  • 99% Adobe RGB with IPS technology
  • Hardware Calibration with accuracy color
  • Palette Master Element color calibration software
  • Black-and-White photo mode
  • Shading Hood / OSD controller

Here is the in-depth review given by Dario Gardiman:

The MelRish Studio - God's Amazing Gift

When things don't go our way, when you have faith, it is amazing how God reveals His plans and His plans are way better than ours. (Like these photos, who would think this place will be called home)

Dubai wedding and event photographers and videographers

Dubai wedding and event photographers and videographers

I took engineering in college (because I dreamed to be a rich engineer working in a tech company) but on my third year, failing several engineering subjects, I shifted to interior design (I had a passion for drawing and the arts) and graduated with a degree in it. Working in furniture companies, I thought and planned to work my up in a corporate ladder in a company in Makati and settle there. But then I got an offer to work abroad which I didn't consider at first because I don't know anyone in Dubai and I have never been far away from home before. After praying, God showed me signs to accept the offer. I got into a visual merchandising in a furniture company in Dubai. Years passed and after working in different companies, I have reached the position of Area Visual Merchandising Manager in an American furniture company. I should have stayed and enjoyed the perks of getting benefits and stable salary every month but God had a different plan...something more than I imagined.

I dreamt of marrying a Brazilian pilot hunk who speaks French (lol!) but God indeed has a better plan and I met this boy-next-door-type, Arish. Then we both discovered the love for photography and having a not-so-good experience with our own wedding photographers, we got into the business of wedding photography. More than a year ago, I left my visual merchandising career and focused on photography and looking back at all those years, if someone would ask my 20-something self years ago if I would want to be a photographer, I would say, I don't think so. But today, I am thankful of everything that I am and everything that we have. We are not rich in material stuff but with we are where God wanted us to be and it is a luxury basking in His goodness and grace.

Earlier this year, God has blessed us with a new home. Our studio to call our own. It has been a struggle getting it finished but finally it is ready to accept guests. I haven't furnished it completely the way I wanted (I still have to save for it - more prints on the walls, more album samples, more props and more backdrops), but we can already shoot projects here, sit here to edit and hold meetings. Families and friends, we gladly present one of the best gifts from God (drum roll please!) - the MelRish Studio. You are welcome to book your shoots (portraits, family photos, product shoots, fashion shoots, etc.), rent the space or just have a chat with us. We will happily welcome you. From today until 31st December, we have special introductory rates for shoots in our studio. Drop us an email or give us a call for these special rates.

Dubai wedding and event photographers and videographers

Dubai wedding and event photographers and videographers

Dubai wedding and event photographers and videographers

Dubai wedding and event photographers and videographers

Dubai wedding and event photographers and videographers


Dubai wedding and event photographers and videographers
Our view from our window

Dubai wedding and event photographers and videographers

Dubai wedding and event photographers and videographers

Dubai wedding and event photographers and videographers

Dubai wedding and event photographers and videographers

Dubai wedding and event photographers and videographers

Dubai wedding and event photographers and videographers

Sometimes we think things don't go the way we want to or the way we plan it and we think we are a failure. But trust God and put your faith in Him and He will show you amazing things beyond your dreams.

Dubai Wedding Photographers MelRish Photos and Films Goes to New York

Ok, that is quite a long title for a post but I think that summarizes what this post is all about. We are Dubai based wedding photographers but we aspire to be renowned internationally too. And yeah, we are pretty excited to see the Big Apple! We are flying in on 6th June (crossing our fingers to finally fly on A380) to NYC for our 5th year wedding anniversary and we are staying only until Monday, 10th June before we go to DC and then to Houston, Texas to see my parents. Our exact itinerary is below:

7th June to 10th June - New York City

10th June (4pm) to 12th June - Washington DC

13th June to 17th June - Houston, Texas

new york photography

If you are a New Yorker, from DC or you know Houston like the palm of your hand and you are reading this, it would be great if you can give us advise on where to go with only a few days in each area. If you are engaged, newly married or getting married, we will have only 2 slots open for a photo session. So shoot us an email even if you're single and you wish to have a portrait session with us. And if you are none of the above, you can include our safe travels in your prayers. :)

And to close this post, here is a photo from our Paris trip last June 2012.

Paris photography

Published at Bandhan, Masala Magazine

I was supposed to blog about one of our weddings but when I got the first ever Bandhan issue, I couldn't help but blog about it for the world to know!

I don't usually buy Masala magazine because we are not Indian therefore Bollywood news doesn't interest me. But the first ever wedding magazine by Masala, Bandhan is included in this month's issue, and we are published there as one of the Go-To Photographers in the region so I had to get a copy, right? RIGHT!!!

Masala MagazineBandhan Masala MagazineDubai Wedding PhotographerMelRish Photos and Films

Can't help but be happy and praise God for His goodness to us!

Martha Stewart Weddings Middle East | MelRish Photos and Films

Grabbing our quarterly copy of Martha Stewart Middle East magazine, not only did we think that the cake on the cover was delicious but we were also happy to find our couple featured in it! Lulu and Kris married last November and we blogged about it here.

Martha Stewart Middle EastMartha Stewart Middle EastMartha Stewart Middle EastMartha Stewart Middle East

Dot the I's have done a great job in making sure the details in their wedding was impeccable. Congratulations Yasmin! So do we feel disappointed because it was someone else mentioned as the wedding photographer? Not really. There is our name mentioned under videos and what is important was that the couple were happy with the photos. We were the official photographers and videographers for the wedding but we were not able to give the photos for the feature. :(

Anyways, here are some of our photos from the wedding day and below is the video. Check out our portfolio too.

Dubai wedding photographerDubai wedding photographerDubai wedding photographerDubai wedding photographerDubai wedding photographerDubai wedding photographerDubai wedding photographer and cinematographerDubai wedding photographer and cinematographerDubai wedding photographer and cinematographerDubai wedding photographer and cinematographerDubai wedding photographer and cinematographerDubai wedding photographer and cinematographerDubai wedding photographer and cinematographer


Kris + Lulu Wedding Trailer from Melrish Photos and Films on Vimeo.

Melrish Goes To Manila

It is that time of the year! Yes, we are spending Christmas and New Year in our hometown with family and friends. We are only opening 2 slots for couples who are getting married and want to get artistic, photojournalistic photos for their wedding.

Email us for more information about our packages and to book a date.

What's A Good Lens for Travel Photography?

We love to travel. Our friends love to travel. So they often ask us what lens is good to capture great travel photos. We are not experts but our travel photos do tell stories and the fun adventures we had.

Our first must-bring lens is our wide-angle lens. We have a 10-20mm Sigma lens which takes great landscape photos like this.

A wide-angle lens is useful in shooting images like this.

If we had a 50mm along with us or a zoom lens, we could have just photographed the tip of the Duomo in Florence, Italy below and missed the details of this lovely cathedral. And hey, wide angle lenses are good for taking self-portraits with that landmark at the background!

Another must-have lens when we travel is our 18-200mm Canon lens. It can shoot wide angle shots but not as wide as our 10-20mm Sigma but it can definitely shoot things from a distance.

We love taking details of the buildings and places we have been to. This was just a part of the Colosseum in Rome and the one below was part of the Taj Mahal in India.

Those are two of our favorite lens we make sure we have in cambag when we travel. And sometimes when we have a light load, we carry along our fisheye. I love taking images from our travels with a fisheye. It gives the usual shot a different look.

There are a thousand of images out there of the Vatican walls but with our fisheye lens, we were able to shoot the entirety of this wall.

But if you travel and your interest are on the small details like the food you eat or the trinkets you can buy or even the faces of the people, have your 50mm in hand. In our case, our camera bag is full so our Iphone would just have to do the trick!

So your question maybe is why do I have Sigma and Canon lens? What's the difference? My easy and practical answer to that is if I cannot afford the Canon version, I buy the Sigma. Sigma lens can do the job but of course, original Canon lens on our Canon cameras are faster and more efficient. Let us know if you want us to be more technical and we will do the research for you.

Hope this blog was helpful. if you have suggestions, please feel free to comment! By the way, if you love to travel and you're looking for fun and educational tours, visit Edventure Travel.