Five Questions To Ask When Creating an Effective Video

So now you have realized the importance of video in marketing your brand in our previous post. You have finally decided that you need to make a video to increase your visibility and to improve your sales. The next step now is to create an effective video to achieve the results that you need. Like what we noted in our previous post, a video can make or break your brand. A poorly done video will have a negative impact instead of helping you gain your consumer's trust. Here are five questions you need to ask yourself when creating an effective video:

What is my brand's story? Is my video telling this story effectively?

“He who has a why can endure any how.” -- Frederick Nietzsche

Before anything else, you should identify your "why". Your "why" is your guiding light. It expresses your brand's contribution and purpose. Why should customers buy your product or service? If you haven't identified your why, I would recommend you reading Simon Sinek's book Find Your Why.

Consumers buy into brands that tells a genuine story. Don't make your video too pushy. Consumers can tell if you are trying to make a hard sell. If you are making your first video, make it about your "why" or story and let it appeal to the emotions.

What is the purpose of my video? What is my call to action?

When you have found your "why", it will be easier for you to identify the purpose of your video. For example, the Dove brand's vision is to be a source of confidence. They want to help women everywhere develop a positive relationship with the way they look, helping them raise their self-esteem and realize their full potential. This is one of their videos which embodies this vision

Who is your target audience?

This is also a question we ask our clients when they ask us to produce a video for them. Your video shouldn't have a broad audience. Your product can sell to a wide diversity of clients but for a video to be effective, it should target a certain demographics. For example, this Nike's ad targeted the younger female generation. The video's goal was to inspire the teenage girls to dream further. The video didn't say how comfortable the shoes are nor how many colors it came in. It appealed to the emotions.

How can I make the first 8 seconds count?

You have probably heard this before, that the average attention span of a human is 8 seconds. So if the first 8 seconds of your video doesn't appeal to your viewer, then it is a fail. Your viewer has already pressed that "skip ad" or has already turned away from the screen.

This video ad from Audi has awesome cinematography. It caught my attention and made me want to watch it until the end. And it did not disappoint. The humorous twist at the end made it a memorable ad.

Is my video content optimized?

Criteo has given some useful advice on how you can optimize your videos on Facebook, Youtube and Twitter. And here a few more tips that can help:

  1. Design for mobile first. Do you want to make your video look cinematic by making the aspect ratio 16:9 or 2.39:1 with a letterbox? If you want it optimized for mobile, you will definitely do not want to do that. Go vertical or go square if you will be natively posting your video on Facebook
  2. Add captions. 85% of viewers watch videos on mute. You still want to deliver your message so make sure you add captions to your videos.
  3. If you're posting on Youtube, compose your title using the right keywords so video will appear on searches.
  4. Choose your thumbnail carefully. Make it relevant and interesting. I would not click on a video if the thumbnail doesn't represent the video I am looking for correctly.

After you have considered these questions carefully, we hope you have a clearer picture of what your video should look like or what message or call to action it should deliver. If you need assistance in creating a video ad for your brand, we will be glad to help. We can help from identifying your why, the call to action up to video production to deliver your message to your customer. Just drop us an email or give us a call!

Seven Reasons Why Video Is Important For Your Business

Nowadays, business competition has been tougher with the rise of internet users in the world. In UAE alone, 99% of the population are on social media with an average of 2 hrs 56mins of daily time spent per person browsing through it.

UAE Social Media Usage Statistics: 2019 (Infographics)
[ Source:
Global Media Insight – Dubai
Web Design Company

More and more business are competing for customer attention and studies show that video plays an important role in winning that click, web visit or purchase. Cisco forecast in 2020 will be that 82% of all consumer web traffic will be video. Here are top seven reasons why your business needs video:

  1. Video is a good tool to inform customers about your brand/product
    • Wyzowl asked consumers how they'd most prefer to learn about new products or services - and video was the runaway winner. Over two-thirds (68%) said a short video would be best, way ahead of text-based articles (15%),infographics (4%) presentations and pitches (4%) ebooks and manuals (3%) (Hubspot)
    • Consumers have about 5 seconds to skip a video ad on Youtube. That is why the first 5 seconds of your business video should already entice your target audience to continue watching and encourage them to learn more about your product.
  2. SEO loves video
    • According to Moovly, you are 53x more likely show up on page 1 of Google if you have a video embedded on your website? Ever since Google purchased Youtube, there has been a significant increase on how videos can affect your search engine rank.
  3. Better brand retention
    • According to an infographic from Impact, viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video compared to 10% when they are reading it in text
  4. Increase conversions
    • Have your ever thought about buying a travel bag and suddenly a video ad of a bag suddenly pops up in your Facebook feed? That happened to me recently and I ended up buying this bag with a lot of our compartments and pockets because a video of it popped up on my feed demonstrating its uses!
    • Kickstarter projects are more likely to get funded if it has video. According to Kickstarter, video is the best way to communicate the emotions, motivations, and character of a project, and the sincerity and seriousness of the creator.
  5. Customers prefer brands with a good video
    • A lot of companies jump on the video bandwagon without much thought to it and with less planning. They think that as long as their business has video, they would rise above the competition. But a bad video is worst than no video. A sloppy video shows how committed a brand/business in telling their story. With the rise of video as a marketing tool, more consumers have become video savvy and they can tell a quality video compared to poor video
  6. Videos build trust
    • Video, when properly done, wins the consumers trust
    • The rise of Facebook live videos and Instagram stories goes to show that consumers want to see behind the scenes of brands and people they follow. These personal snippets (short clips) of brands and people help them build trust with their followers
  7. Get more social shares with videos
    • According to an infographic from Impact, social video generates 1200% more shares than text and images combined.
    • 54% of consumers want to see more video content from a brand or business they support. This goes to show that the demand for video content is also increasing (Oberlo)

Video has become a powerful marketing tool when done right. Marketing through video used to be dominated by the big brands when you pay airtime by the second to have your video ad shown on TV. With the rise of social media, video marketing has been easier and now almost every brand can reach their target consumer.

Next week, we will be posting the different types of video and which one is the best for your business/brand.

MelRish Dekada : MJ's Story

MJ was hired as a cinematographer almost 2 years ago. Her testimony is just one of the many MelRish team member's stories that will become part of this company's culture legacy. As a team, we know that we did not cross paths accidentally and that God has bigger plans for us. And here is her story:

This was my story before traveling to Georgia

My employer decided to celebrate their 10th year Anniversary. We were surprised that the plan was to go out of the country, knowing this great news - I tried to look back and remember that I was only dreaming of having a company trip with my colleague way back when I was 21 years old from my previous job. There were people who were closed to me and saw what I went through, they knew my plans, dreams and my prayers - I know it was too broad and dreamy and way too far to reach. I remember when I told them

that "One of these days, hoping I can find a job that we can travel to different places" and my colleagues started to

react, "Isama mo naman ako sa pangarap mo", "ang bata mo pa para isipin yan, pero sige ipush

mo yan".

Everyday, I tell the Lord what was my heart's desire. When I was 23, even I was so afraid, it was faith, thinking that God will never leave me, then I decided to quit my job and get out of my comfort zone.

After the long search and waiting...

God revealed The Melrish Studio, September 2017. Until now, I can't express how grateful I am of what God has blessed me with, from my employers through my colleagues. God gave me peace that this is the company I have been praying for. "My child, I needed you to be bold and you haven't took any shortcuts but you finish the process. I see you keep on trusting me. You have taken the leap. I know you worked so hard and waited for this. Now it is done - this is for you."


And finally, the company trip I want to experience was held last May 21st to 25th. What I have been imagining happened - the bond, listening to different life stories, laughing out loud, sing along, taking photos and most especially having time to pray together. Also, I was planning to go to Georgia alone (I have a year ago post on facebook ("Georgia, Armenia, Egypt and Jordan") but God has another plan, Georgia trip was with Melrish Family. I was amazed again.

Iʼm touched and inspired by Ate Melonʼs goal why she plans to celebrate their 10th year with us, she quoted, “This trip is something we wanted to give to our team. Working in The MelRish Studio requires a lot of passion

and dedication and that is why we are passionate about our
team. When I saw their smiles and how they have bonded with each other, my heart was filled with joy. Mission accomplished -we have broken down walls and made connections that will help us understand each other and work better. One day, I will look back at how God has been good to us. I am accountable for leading this team and fulfilling His purpose. And if asked what kind of leader I strived to be, I would answer, “To be a leader that inspires and serves others. A servant leader like Christ.”

Thank you Melrish! Thank you for letting us experience what is life and how great is God with you. And thank you also for letting me experience this with my sister.

Itʼs not easy, but it will be worth it.

Searching for a job is not easy, but if you have a heart of determination and think of your love ones, you will find one that fits you, all of these will be worth it in the end. Remember in life, there are no shortcuts in reaching your goals, there are walls that will stop you, there are circumstances and there are setbacks, sometimes "you" is your battle, may you not allow comparison grew, mold into your own shape but not in the same mold everyone else uses to grow. You will thrive at your own pace as a winner of your own race.

God answered my prayer but this doesn't let me stop thanking Him for all that He has done for me and for my family. I'm still a working progress, I know God is preparing me again for next chapters of my life. Again, pain and joy will kick in! Another

molding process awaits, I still need to learn from everyone's experiences and from myself. Allow yourself to fail and gather all the lessons from the past, you will carry it for the next season.

Promises that you can carry through your seeking:
1. Be still and know that I am God - Psalms 46?10

2. For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Then you will call on me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you. You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart. - Jeremiah 29?11

When I was 22, these songs has been into my Coping Up
Playlist :)
•Hello Cold World x

Paramore https:// v=7n88760Bb8o
•Ain't it fun x Paramore https:// v=Izx9ADLjgbM

•Superheroes x The Script https:// v=IowZqZHJ-cA

And to those who want to watch our team adventure in Tbilisi, here is a video directed and edited by Jed

MelRish Dekada: 10 Years of Thankfulness

dekada. n. A decade; any given period of ten years.

The whole team just got back from a 5 day trip to Tbilisi, Georgia as part of our year long celebration of The MelRish Studio's 10th year anniversary. It was an amazing and unforgettable trip to celebrate MelRish Dekada - 10 Years of thankfulness.

It was 2009 when Arish and I first shot our first engagement session and our first wedding. It was also 10 years ago when we first got paid for our services and it was that year when we first flew to India to shoot our first destination wedding. Ten years later, God has blessed us with more than 500 couples, a cozy office in Dubai and a team of creative individuals who we call as our family. Some think that maybe we have a big cash flow that is why we can afford to take the team for an out of town trip. The truth is like all other companies, we are also going through tough times and we are still struggling to make ends meet. This trip is something we wanted to give to our team. Working in The MelRish Studio requires a lot of passion and dedication and that is why we are passionate about our team. 

God has sustained us and we are forever grateful

The MelRish Studio is a testimony that there is a God and if you dedicate your work to Him, He will sustain you and guide you to success. And success doesn't necessarily mean that you have more clients or you are the best in your field. Success for us means that we are better versions of ourselves every year. Success for us means delivering meaningful images and videos and making lasting connections not just with our clients but internally as well. We don't work for our greatness but for His glory.

"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much."

Our projects are not accomplished by one man alone. All our images and videos are products of teamwork. The goal of the trip to Tbilisi was to build camaraderie amongst our team members by letting them get to know more about each other with our "Guess Who Is This?" Game. We had four team members share an apartment (we booked four apartments) and each group was assigned to cook breakfasts and dinner for everyone. Every morning and night, we gathered to eat and pray and share stories. We sang on the bus going to different places and experiencing new things - from wine tasting to playing on the snow. When I saw their smiles and how they have bonded with each other, my heart was filled with joy. Mission accomplished -we have broken down walls and made connections that will help us understand each other and work better.

One day, I will look back at how God has been good to us. I am accountable for leading this team and fulfilling His purpose. And if asked what kind of leader I strived to be, I would answer, "To be a leader that inspires and serves others. A servant leader like Christ."


If you are traveling to Tbilisi, I would recommend Giorgi and his company. He arranged for our tours and bus. You may contact +995 579993265. Special thanks to Rashi of Excite Tourism for arranging our flights. 



Musings of a Forty Year Old

Change your Attitude

Life begins at 40, they say. Well, if that's the case, I just started mine 2 days ago. And I am having a fantastic life so far. Life has been fantastic since 1979. But it doesn't mean that I never went through hardships or difficulties. There were days that seemed dark clouds have blocked out the sun but there are days that the sun shone brightly. Many are circumstances that we cannot change or control like the traffic, a flu coming down on you, a friend betraying you, losing your job or losing a big project, etc. These circumstances can make you want to throw the towel in and just give up on life.

But what I learned from my 40 years of existence is that we cannot control what happens to us - what we can control is our attitude. We cannot change a person but we can change how we react to that person or how often should we hang out with that person. We cannot force a client to choose us over our competitor but we can learn from it and try and win the next pitch. Traffic is something we cannot control but we can control how we will feel about it. We can mope around the house and wallow in self-pity when we get rejected or we can pray and bring our burdens to God.

We cannot change our situation but we can change how we deal with it - do we react violently and irrational or do we adapt a positive approach and think of solutions. This is one of the many principles I try to practice which I have read from books which I highly recommend - Roadmap to Success by John Maxwell and The Success Principles by Jack Canfield. I didn't have the same attitude when I was younger. I made a lot of mistakes and I still do. But my goal is to become wiser as I get older and to learn from every opportunity available.

Life Is Short

One of my editor's father passed away just four days back. It was a sudden loss and I was deeply saddened as I met him twice when I interviewed her daughter and when she got the job. He was a jolly person and exuded positivity with a smiling face.

It made me realize that life is truly short. We were not meant to last here forever and this world is just a transit journey.

What legacy would I leave if I die today? Would I have regrets? Did I serve my purpose?

I decided to take snaps of how my day looked like (with the help of MJ) - my walk to office, the school runs, silly moments with the kids - and unexpectedly I was able to take a few snaps of the birthday surprise Arish and the team prepared for me a day before my birthday. It was a decoy surprise for a bigger surprise they prepared for me on my actual birthdate. Maybe I have done something right to deserve such a loving family and team. There was pancit cooked by my parents, cake and flowers from hubby and home-cooked food from my team! There was also a video compilation of messages of family, friends who couldn't attend the surprise and clients I have met along the way sent their messages across too. The video and the scrapbook they made (and outpouring messages on facebook) really touched my heart. I am so blessed!

Here is a peek at my daily life and the surprise I received:

Forgive my musings as I just want to share these two principles that has greatly changed my outlook lately. I hope you too would reflect on these not only when you turn forty but as soon as you can. And again, my praise and thanks goes up to my Creator for sustaining me these 40 years. And thank you to those who remembered and sent their warm greetings! Ciao for now! Until the next post...


OFW Diaries - A Short Film

Writing and filming has been my passion and to be able to finish a short film is a big accomplishment for me due to my busy schedule and constant battle with procrastination. Danabelle and I worked agin for the third time filming “OFW Diaries” early this year. I am so blessed to work with such a talented actress like Danabelle (who is my friend for more than a decade now). She is also a renowned author of What Dreams May Come and I Long To Be A River (order these great books here). She makes life easier for a newbie director like me. :) Follow her on instagram @danabellegutierrez

Our short film, OFW Diaries was inspired by my own story. I came to Dubai way back in 2004 with hopes to help my family and build a brighter future. Almost all Filipinos who left the Philippines to work abroad have the same goal. My salary was 2,400aed (1aed = 13.50php) back then and I shared a studio flat with 11 other Filipinos in Satwa. I used to watch every fil I spent. By the grace of God, my hard work paid off even though I got dumped and duped and even lost 500,000aed along the way. (Invite me for coffee and I will tell you that story). I could have just gone hiding from the banks but my conscience told me to pay off my half a million debt. God is gracious and He has sustained me and I managed to pay off the debt and I have even put up a small studio. And now I am making my own films.

But not everyone succeeds and that is why most OFW films portray the hardships and the drama of being an overseas Filipino worker. OFW life can really be dramatic but what I learned in life is you should not take yourself too seriously always. Choose your battles.

Working abroad is not easy, that is a fact. Life is not easy in general. Everyone faces challenges and problems. It is a matter of how you react to situations and how easily you give up. In this short film, Danabelle portrayed 5 characters. It is true that we do not have enough actors available during that short notice but that is not the reason why she portrayed all those characters. I wanted everyone to know that no matter who we meet or what challenge we face, there is a lesson and a purpose behind it. We just have to recognize the opportunities and learn from challenges that we face. They are all lessons. We can learn from all the people we meet as we journey through life. Life is tough so we should be tougher. So yeah, this movie is for the OFW who doesn’t give up easily. It is for the OFW who walked under the Dubai heat but still smiles. It is for the OFW who faces hardships and come out wiser and tougher. This is for us.

Family Trip to South Korea | Life of Photographers

Our yearly family travels has taken us to many cities like Italy, Paris, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, London, Japan, New York, Houston and this year to Tbilisi and South Korea. We have made it as a family goal to travel to some place new every year as long as we can - physically and financially. Traveling has opened our eyes to the many cultures and to respect these diversities. It has taught the kids a lot about geography and why each country is different. Kurt, our 2 year old son, would often check our phones for world weather and he knows that Tokyo is "very far" just by looking at the map. I have also encouraged Khloe to make a scrapbook and write short essays about her experiences. Their bodies have also become more resilient to colds and flu. They still do get them but ironically they get infected when we are staying at home. And the best thing about travel is that you realize that the best things in this world is not the material things but the experiences and moments you create.

I would like to encourage everyone I know to travel although it is not for everyone. Traveling involves a lot of planning (which is also one of the best part of it) to make the most out of it. If you decide to travel, travel smart.

"If you decide to travel, travel smart."

Last August, we decided to see South Korea. Filipinos need to apply for visa and but as of this writing, there is no fee to pay. It would take 4 to 5 working days to get your visa stamped. In Dubai, the Korean Consulate is in Jumeirah and you just need to come with all the required documents. You can check here the list of requirements.

We booked our flights through and hotels through Being based in Dubai, we found it cheaper to book a return ticket from Dubai to Manila and then just fly from Manila to Incheon and return instead of flying multi-city. Maybe depending on the season.

We took an afternoon flight from Manila and arrived in the evening at the Incheon Airport. Based on my friend's advise, we took a T-mobile card so we will have mobile data wherever we go. For a sim with unlimited data for 5 days, we only paid less than 100aed. From Incheon Airport to Seoul, it was about an hour away. There are airport limo buses which you can take and they have strategic stops in the city. It is much cheaper than taking a taxi or Uber.

We booked rooms in Hotel PJ in Myeongdong. The airport bus stop was just a street away but because google maps was acting up that time, we took the long route and reached the hotel by 11pm after half an hour walking with our luggage. Not all Koreans speak English as well so no one could point to us to the right direction. Tired and exhausted, we were glad that there were some convenient stores and restaurants that were still open in the area.

Day 1

They warned us that August will be hot and humid at an average of 28-30 degrees. I thought that will be like a breeze compared to Dubai's summer peaking at 51. But walking on the streets on that weather was HOT! We were sweaty and we immediately got ourselves battery operated necklace fans. Everybody had them and having them too made us look like locals.

Our first day was an epic fail. Blame me. I made the itinerary and Gyeongbogkung Palace was our first destination. I forgot to check that it was closed on Tuesdays! Kurt fell while running and got wounds on his knees. Good thing our lunch compensated for our wasted time. Food is one of the best thing about South Korea, you can never go wrong!

Lesson # 1: Check the opening timings of all your itineraries! 

The subway system in Seoul is the best way to go around. I downloaded the Rail Map Lite app to help us get around. iTour Seoul app helped me in planning where to go. And again, unfortunately for us, our second destination for the day was also closed. The Dongdaenum clothing market was closed and we do not know the reason. Nobody could tell us why and when they will open.

Our third destination did not disappoint us though. We walked the streets of Myeong-dong during the evening and we got our cosmetic stash from the place. Myeongdong is the place where you can shop for cosmetics at low prices. It is also lined with delicious street food! Yum!

Here are our photos from our first day

Even With Gyeongbokgung Palace closed on Tuesdays, the kids enjoyed running around in the heat

You can rent Hanboks (Korean traditional dresses) near Gyeongbokgung Palace to dress up

At Dongdaemun

At Myeongdong

Day 2

We scheduled our trip to Nami Island on this day. A lot of Filipinos watch Korea novelas and one of the first korea novelas that became popular in the Philippines was the Winter Sonata which Filipinos got crazy about. And part of that series was shot at the beautiful Nami Island. I will not elaborate how to go there. There are blogs like this one which will tell you how to reach there or you can check with your hotel concierge and they will help you out.

Nami Island is beautiful but it can be crowded during the summer with kids having school breaks. You will see a lot of young lovers having a day-out walking around Nami Island holding hands. One thing we have noticed with Koreans is that they like to dress to match their partners. I should have taken a lot of photos but it just slipped my mind. I am not used to taking photos of people without asking permission. UAE thing.

We would have also gone and visited Petite France but time did not permit us. Our body clocks have not adjusted yet so we were waking up past 9am already. Maybe it will give us a reason to visit Seoul again.

Lesson # 2: Plan your day with "jet-lag" in mind. Do not force your bodies as they will adjust eventually. 

Khloe was getting impatient with the train and this kind old lady gave her a monggo popsicle.
 My mother trying her best to communicate using every kind of gesture. Guess what is she saying here

Day 3

This time we made sure Gyeongbogkung Palace is now open! It was worth a second try.

After that, we went to Insa-dong street for some authentic Korean souvenirs. There some scattered rain showers that day but it was a pleasant change of weather. Insadong for me is a must see place in Seoul with small shops selling cute handcrafted items.

After Insa-dong, we went back to check if the shops in Dongdaenum were open. Unfortunately, the clothing shops were still closed. So we just checked the malls and had dinner there.

Day 4 - we fly back to Manila

Three days in Seoul is not enough to see all the great places. I think 5 days will suffice. The people are very kind especially the elderly. We were offered food by elderly strangers and in the subway, it was the elderly who gave their seats to our kids. The food in Seoul is one of the best and we will not forget that one. And Khloe even lost her first tooth on our last day there too. So yeah, it was one memorable trip.



Out & About: Colours of Arabia

It has been a happening 2 months since November. Weddings and events here and there and whenever I see a gap in timings, I made sure it was well spent with the kids and family. There are so many things we are thankful for but an experience made me realize that there are some things we take for granted. There are intangible blessings in life that we do not notice we are blessed with.

Last month, I was invited to participate in a dining in the dark experience sponsored by Colours of Arabia sponsored by Berger Paints. Being a photographer, I am a visual person and I am very dependent on (my camera) my eyesight. The invitation was to dine in this unique restaurant called Noire. Of course, when it comes to food, I couldn't turn down the offer.

So me and Koreen went curious about the experience. There was a briefing first to let us know what this experience is all about. When we watched the short video, we suddenly thought that this "dining in the dark" really meant pitch black. I was under the impression that it would just be darker than the usual candlelight dinner with dim lights.

melrish-55975 melrish-55979 melrish-55984

Watch this video so you will have an idea of what I will be writing about.

After the briefing, they let us to Noire for another briefing. Our assumptions were right. It will be a completely dark experience. We will be eating like blind people. How dark you may ask? Close your eyes and eat...that's how dark it is. Waiters had to wear night vision goggles to serve our food. The exciting thing also is that you do not know what food you are going to get. When you book with Noire, you will have to indicate your preference and if you are allergic to some types of food upon booking. It was first time in my life that I somewhat felt helpless. Without my eyesight, it was so difficult to walk (you will be guided to walk inside Noire), eat and drink. I wasn't even sure if I had finished my food. After 1 and a half hour, after a delicious 3 course meal, we were free! After the experience, they will let you know and show you what you ate. Taa daa!

Don't look at it to closely as they serve different dishes everyday. It will be a surprise.

melrish-55989 melrish-55992 melrish-55995

When I went home, not only was I full but I also realized how blessed I am to have the gift of sight. It is a GIFT! Whenever I take photos, I am blessed because I see these beautiful things around that some people don't. I am thankful that I get to share it to people too.

Thank you Berger Paints for inviting me to this unique experience and "opening" my eyes to what we really should be thankful for.

Exploring Food Photography

One of our regular client has recently opened a coffee shop and she gave us a call asking us to shoot some photos of their offerings for their social media. She loved our work especially on her wedding and she has seen our website but then she asked if we had shot food already. I didn't know what to answer. I was confident we can deliver her requirements but I had nothing to show. I cannot wait for someone to call me and ask me to shoot their food to make a portfolio. We needed to be proactive if we want to be a food photographer in Dubai. So we planned to create a food portfolio. Food photography...bring it on!

One of our photographers, Yahn, had a passion for food photography and food styling so I got her on board for this project. She conceptualized the setups and showed me her ideas. We both dug into our home cupboards and brought plates, trays, chopping boards and props for the shoot. We went to the grocery to grab fresh vegetables, cooked chicken, bread and cupcakes. It was a learning experience for us and once during the day, the mess was overwhelming, Good thing we didn't have walk-in clients that day! ..And the perks of shooting food, you get to eat some of the food after!

Food photography Dubai Food photography Dubai Food photography Dubai Food photography Dubai Food photography Dubai Food photography Dubai

After a full day of grocery shopping, preparing, and shooting, it was time to edit the photos and voila! We finally have a basic food portfolio. So what did our setup look like for those wondering - for the dark background shots, we used a black backdrop, got 2 sided foam boards to reflect light and to absorb light. And since our window light is temporarily blocked, we used diffused video light. Food photography experts, your feedback will be more than welcome. We will be eager to learn from you!

Food photography Dubai Food photography Dubai Food photography Dubai Food photography Dubai Food photography Dubai Food photography Dubai Food photography Dubai

So a week before we started with this portfolio, we also had a shoot in the studio for one of the biggest food brands in the Middle East, Al Islami. We had their ambassador, Bella and their burgers in the studio until late night for this shoot. So it was a pleasant surprise yesterday to see our shot printed and displayed along Mohammad Bin Zayed Road! Looking forward to more food photography projects.

Food photography Dubai Food photography Dubai Food photography Dubai


The SMG One Awards 2014

Last year, we were commissioned by Behind the Scenes Eventology from Jordan to cover one of the biggest events of the year for Starcom Mediavest Group...the SMG One Awards. They hold their annual One Awards in a different city every year and last year, they chose Dubai. Their awards night venue was at the shadow of the tallest building in the world and with the fantastic view of the Dubai Fountain. Representatives from different countries flew to Dubai to attend this prestigious event.

It was a cold evening...we were there the night before to shoot the setting-up timelapse until morning. Preparing for such a big event means sleepless nights and working 24 hrs to get the output we need. But all those stressful waking hours was worth it. The event was a success and everyone had a wonderful evening.

Dubai Event photography

Dubai Event photography

Dubai Event photography

Dubai Event photography

Dubai Event photography

Dubai Event photography

Dubai Event photography

Dubai Event photography

Dubai Event photography

Dubai Event photography

Dubai Event photography

Dubai Event photography

Dubai Event photography

Dubai Event photography

Dubai Event photography

Dubai Event photography

Dubai Event photography

Dubai Event photography

Dubai Event photography

Dubai Event photography

The following day, we also had to cover their conference. After the party, time to get on some serious stuff. This two day conference was held in Sofitel the Palm.

Dubai Event photography

Dubai Event photography

Dubai Event photography

Dubai Event photography

Dubai Event photography

Dubai Event photography

Dubai Event photography

Dubai Event photography

It was a privilege and quite an experience to cover such a big event. Kudos to Behind The Scenes Eventology for organizing it well. And thank you to our team members who gave it all their best. It was not our first but definitely one of the most memorable. For corporate events photography and videography booking, please don't hesitate to contact us. Below is the video for the event.

SMG One Awards - Behind The Scenes Eventology from Melrish Photos and Films on Vimeo.