Business Strategies During A Recession

Business Strategies During A Recession We have several events canceled this week. Schools are closed for 4 weeks due to the coronavirus outbreak. Travel bans are imposed by some countries here in the Middle East. Major events in Dubai have been postponed to later this year. Global markets are already experiencing a slowdown. Business leaders […]

Musings of a Forty Year Old

Change your Attitude Life begins at 40, they say. Well, if that’s the case, I just started mine 2 days ago. And I am having a fantastic life so far. Life has been fantastic since 1979. But it doesn’t mean that I never went through hardships or difficulties. There were days that seemed dark clouds […]

OFW Diaries – A Short Film

Writing and filming has been my passion and to be able to finish a short film is a big accomplishment for me due to my busy schedule and constant battle with procrastination. Danabelle and I worked agin for the third time filming “OFW Diaries” early this year. I am so blessed to work with such […]

Family Trip to South Korea | Life of Photographers

Our yearly family travels has taken us to many cities like Italy, Paris, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, London, Japan, New York, Houston and this year to Tbilisi and South Korea. We have made it as a family goal to travel to some place new every year as long as we can – physically and financially. Traveling […]

Exploring Food Photography

One of our regular client has recently opened a coffee shop and she gave us a call asking us to shoot some photos of their offerings for their social media. She loved our work especially on her wedding and she has seen our website but then she asked if we had shot food already. I […]

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